Mission of Boba Brewery Launchpad

Boba Brewery is a fully decentralized platform that connects excellent fundraising projects to investors looking for IDO & NFT sale. Powered by the state-of-art token distribution algorithm, Boba Brewery ensures every IDO buyer to have the fairest allocation. The guaranteed-allocation mechanism allows all the participants to have a determined amount of token allocated in all the staking tiers. Boba Brewery provides a high-quality optimization on project fundraising. Rather than simply connecting our users with various early-stage projects, we put more focus on selecting the projects with potential long-term value.

Fairness is the most important mission in Boba Brewery launchpad. On existing launchpads, token shortage is a common problem for participants and the allocation spots are not guaranteed. For top quality projects in particular, a large portion of the participating users end up with few tokens allocated after going through a series of large allocation staking processes. These will no longer be a concern on our launchpad. We provide guaranteed allocation tiers for all the potential users, to make sure every participating user has an allocation spot.

Beside fairness, Boba Brewery also values safety and transparency, which would be the key ingredients to a fully sustainable launchpad for top tier projects in Boba. To conform to the highest industry standard, the Boba Brewery team will release all the original smart contract code to world-class third-party organizations for auditing before the first official launch. All the source code will be open to the public and gradually handed over to the Boba Brewery Community & DAO.

In a decentralized world, we believe a passionate community & DAO will lead our launchpad to success. Our platform aims to benefit all token holders with any size investment. The native token will be used to offer governance rights and other potential benefits to token holders on the platform. After the initial launch, the entire platform will gradually convert itself to a fully decentralized application with on-chain voting as long as the community has enough engagement. The governance will be in charge of the Boba Brewery Treasury.

Let’s brew together!

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